Travel handnet

Normnet Travel handnet, small but strong

Normnet Travel Handnet

Normnet Travel,it fits in almost every Suitcase.

The Normnet Travel is a small but convenient travel companion for hydro biologists. It fits in most travel bags and suitcases (not as carry on luggage, for airplane safety). The net is sturdy, but light and easy to handle. The net stick consists of three parts with two connective elements. Total length of the net is 1.9 meters.

  • net aperture 15 x 15 cm (6 x 6 inches)
  • mesh opening 500 micron
  • aluminium inner and outer net frame
  • net with two extensions with two articulating parts
  • total net length 1.90 m (75 inches)
  • water resistant bag included

Price (April 2012) € 145,-