Normnet Svetkov

Svetkov net for sampling of deep wells

The Normnet Svetkov can be used for sampling groundwater organisms, especially from deeper wells. The depth limit of the net is the length of the rope. This gear is provided with a funnel shaped net with a valve and a container to collect the organisms that have been whirled up from the bottom by strong up and down movement of the net. The system has proven extremely successful on many occasions.

Normnet Svetkov large:

  • net aperture diameter 30 cm (12 inches)
  • total length of net 40 cm (20 inches)
  • container volume 100 cc
  • rope 100 m on reel

Price (April 2013) € 245,–

Normnet Svetkov small:

  • net aperture diameter 15 cm (6 inches)
  • total length of net 30 cm (12 inches)
  • container volume 50 cc
  • rope 100 m on reel

Price (April 2014) € 205,–

Picture of the Svetkov net

Picture of the Svetkov net.